Four out of the eight puppies were present  at a puppy show on the 30th of October in Lahti. The ones that were entered in the show were Emma (Tramirun Active Alison), Viivi (Tramirun Active Anne), Wade (Tramirun Active Anna) and Nemo (Tramirun Active Anthony). They all were good at the show. Emma was the first of the baby girls and the 2nd best female puppy and was rewarder with a prize of honor. Viivi was the 3rd  baby girl and Wade the fourth. Nemo was the second best boy at show and was also awarded with a prize of honor. :) I'll post their evalutions here as soon as the owners send them to me.  We had a super day! :) It was fun! Thank you owners for entering the puppies at the show.  At least three of them are now entered in a  puppy show on the 26th of November in Helsinki. I'm soooo looking forward to seeing them there again. Now there's a little time to do a bit of ringtraining. :)

Viivi made a new friend at the show! :) Viivi was also marked to  be promising. The judge hoped that she wouldn't grow much anymore.

Above Nemo on the ring. // Yllä Nemo kehässä.

Here's Nemo's evalution in Finnish: "Vahva ja erittäin hyvin kehittynyt. Oikeaa rotutyyppiä edustava pentu. Hyvät mittasuhteet. Vankka luusto. Kuono voisi olla hieman täyteläisempi, mutta hyvä pään profiili. Hyvä asentoiset korvat. Kaunis ylä-linja. Täyteläinen rintakehä ja hyvin kehittynyt eturinta. Hieman lyhyt olkavarsi. Suorat eturaajat. Vahva leveä takasosa. Suora häntä. Tarpeaksi karkea karva. Reipas käytös. Erittäin lupaava.

And the same roughly translated into English: "Strong very well developped. Correct type. Good proportions. Stong bone. Mussle could be  more filled but good profile of the head. Good ears. Beautiful topline.  Straight front leggs. Straight tail. Rough enough coat. Well  behaved. Very promising. I couldn't translate everything so it's not all there. My apologies for that.

Above Emma. Here's also her evaluation in Finnish: "Vahva, erittäin hyvin kehittynyt narttupentu. Hyvä pää, silmät ja korvat. Lyhyt olkavarsi. Ranteet saisi olla joustavammat. Täyteläinen rintakehä. Hyvä hännänkiinnitys. Leveä reisi. Lyhyt sääriluu. Erinomainen niukka karkeakarva. Erittäin lupaava." Picture is not good.

And roughly in English: " Strong, very well developped female puppy. Good head, eyes and ears. . Wrists could be more flexible.  Good tail. Wide tigh. Exellent thin? rough coat. Very promising.

Above we have Viivi. And also below a picture of her with the other one of her owners Fredu.

Here's her evalution in Finnish: "Hieman korkeajalkainen, mutta hyvärakenteinen nuori narttu. Hyvä pää, silmät
ja korvat. Täyteläinen runko. Suorat eturaajat. Hieman lyhyt olkavarsi. Selkä
saa vielä kiinteytyä. Hyvät takakulmaukset ja vahva leveä takaosa. Erinomainen
karkea karva. Varsin lupaava. Toivottavasti ei kasva enää korkeutta"

Here's the same roughly translated into English: " A bit leggy, but well structured young female. Good head, eyes and ears. Straight front legs. Back could be firmer?. Nicely angulated in rear and strong wide behind. Excellent rough coat. Fairly promising. Hope she doesn't get any higher."

Then there was also Wade. At the moment she looks a bit leggy but I hope it'll be fixed as soon as she developpes a bit more. She's the one looking the most like her mother.

That's Wade sitting at a chair tired of the show and performing. Below few pictures taken outside after the show. Then she was not tired anymore. :) nor were the others.